25 Jan

Tonight we wrapped up mixing of “More Than Meets the Ear” and holy fuckitty, I’m EXCITED!  Just gotta master the album at Salt Mastering in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and then send it off to the duplicators.  It sounds amazing and I can’t believe it’s all done.  Brooklyn fresh.  Word.  A decent analogy might be something like a graduation.  You wait and wait for that day to come, and then when it finally hits you, it just seems like BAM and it’s done.  Except now comes all the promotion work, which is a job in of itself.  Fortunately, my Director of Internet Promotions, Nathalie Gonzalez, is amazing.  So hopefully my dream of teaming up with The Minibosses (an incredible rock group out of Phoenix, AZ that does Nintendo covers) will come true and we’ll take over some anime/comic/toy convention near u!  Botcon, b*tchez, botcon!


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