Strangely Beautiful…er? 2? The Prequel?

01 Feb

My commute to and from work has introduced me to all of New York City’s crazies, e.g.: the woman  dressed to the nines who picked her nose and farted half the train ride, the guy who wanted me to be his fake bf to make his current bf jealous, the girl who had the most horrific speed dating experience ever, the prom queen wannabes, the woman with no less than 6 bags of Whole Foods – on a rush hour train mind you, the guy that was convinced he was Superman of Johnson City, TN, etc. 

Definitely some humorous ditties there. 

The album will also have its fair share of emo-tastical songs as well, since the possibility of giving the city I love a little break to move with my bf  to Cali is definitely on the horizon.  So ya know… Songs about love, loss and home. 

I’ve already drafted 30 songs which I’ll hopefully start recording demos of on YouTube this year and then hit the studio in early ’09.  At least at this point, I’m envisioning a musical mish-mash in the Beck tradition… except with some neo-soul, beatboxing, trip-hop, enka, chamber pop, pop punk and big band thrown in for good measure.  And maybe some more shamisen and a Japanese music ensemble *TWANG*

But all that being said, if “More Than Meets the Ear” does partiicularly well, I might be on the road promoting it, in which case the next album may not happen until ’11. 

That is unless there’s a sugar daddy/mommy reading this who wants to donate 🙂

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