How Do You Organizing Your Creativity?

22 Jun

If you’re a scatterbrain in the Danny Katz tradition, your draft lyrics, poems, sketches, etc. end up all over the place – in truncated text messages, Word files, emails, post-it notes and even scattered across several lipstick covered alcohol-stained cocktail napkins (don’t judge).

As much as I enjoy the lyric writing process I find that I spend a good amount of time organizing and culling lyrics to try to make something seamless out of the jigsaw mess that is my mind.

Melodies fortunately gel quicker and more organically for me. But lyrics? Hello hot mess. And while at one point I had a nice little folder of finalized and draft lyrics on my desktop, it then crashed. Go figure.

So… how do you organize your creativity?


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2 responses to “How Do You Organizing Your Creativity?

  1. Rich

    June 23, 2010 at 21:42


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